Nursing FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions of our Clinical Talent Acquisition Department. If you need more information or have an additional question, please use this form to send us your inquiries and we will be certain to answer all of your questions!

Are there any schools you do not hire from?
There are certain programs we do not hire from. We only hire from institutions that have full approval from the Ohio Board of Nursing and are CCNE or ACEN accredited. To check to see if your school has full approval from the Ohio Board of Nursing, please visit their website at

To check if your school is accredited by the CCNE or ACEN, please visit their websites:

Do you have a new grad nurse residency program?

Yes, we do have a nurse residency program; however it is not a program that you apply directly into. If you are offered a position at Nationwide Children’s Hospital that participates in the program, then you are automatically enrolled.

Do you have an internship/externship program for current nursing students?
Yes, our Summer Nurse Externship opportunity is a 12 week program providing temporary employment as a patient care assistant. Along with hands on work experience, you will also have over 20 hours of educational activities, an assigned preceptor and opportunities for career development. The application period begins in January. Please visit our careers page during that time to view the posting. The following requirements for the program are below:
  • Enrollment in a BSN nationally accredited nursing program

  • 3.0 GPA or higher

  • Two clinicals completed within a hospital setting, with two “excellent” references

  • Junior or Senior standing with graduation within 12 months

Do you hire new grads?

Yes, we do hire new graduates for most of our RN positions. If we do not, it will state on the job description “no new grad opportunity” or in the job description it will list the years of experience needed.

Do you hire nurses with an ADN degree?

We do hire nurses with an ADN degree in all units except for the ICU’s and the Emergency Department. If you are hired with an ADN, you are required to receive your BSN within five years of your hire date.

How do I transfer my license to Ohio if I am out-of-state?

Please visit the Ohio Board of Nursing website at and go to “Forms for Nurse Applicants (Already Licensed in Another State)” and complete the required paperwork to submit to the Board.

How early can I start applying if I have not graduated yet?

It depends on the time of year in which you graduate. For May graduates, we recommend applying in February. December graduates can begin applying as early as August since the candidate pool is smaller during that time of year. Keep in mind that you have to take boards once you graduate and that can sometimes put you back a few more months; you cannot start in a position with us until you have successfully passed boards.

I applied for a job several months ago. My application is still "under manager review." What is the next step?

If you have applied for a position and it has been over two weeks since you have received a phone call or an email, please call our main Talent Acquisition phone number at (614) 355-4111 and we can check up on your application and touch base with the appropriate Talent Acquisition representative.

I applied to several positions at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and was not selected. Should I take that as a sign to look elsewhere?

Depending on the time of year that you are applying, the candidate pool can become very competitive. If you have not been selected for a significant amount of positions, please feel free to call Talent Acquisition at (614) 355-4111.

I just relocated to Ohio and my Ohio license is still pending through the Board of Nursing. Will you still interview me?

Of course! We will interview all candidates who are within a few months of graduating/receiving their Ohio RN license.

If I start on night shift, when can I switch to days?

When you are hired into a position, our policy states that you must stay in that position for one full year starting from the date you completed your department orientation before you are allowed to transfer departments, change shifts or FTE status.

What is the dress code for interviews?

Dress for interviews is business casual. You are not required to wear a suit, however it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.