Applications and Orientation

Nursing applications are generally reviewed within 48 hours of receipt. The clinical talent acquisition representative then phones the applicant to discuss area of interest, experience, shift availability and potentially schedule an initial interview. Follow up interviews may be required in addition to verifying education, employment and calling professional references. This information is reported back to the hiring manager who will then advise the clinical talent acquisition representative if an offer of employment will be extended.

New graduate RNs are encouraged to apply to Nationwide Children's. Most units are able to consider new graduates for open positions. If you graduate in the Spring (May/June) you are encouraged to apply in February as this is a high volume hiring time. Graduates for other quarters should apply approximately two months prior to graduation. You will be requested to provide two clinical references. One recommendation must be from a pediatric clinical instructor and the second recommendation must be from an instructor in a hospital clinical setting.

We recommend that all applicants list their entire employment history on their application and account for any gaps in their employment. You may also paste in your resume at the end of the application to provide further clarification. Answer all questions and be thorough with the information you are providing. Be sure to list professional references. This should not include relatives, friends, neighbors or co-workers.


Search for a Nursing Position

Orientation Process

All nurses hired at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are required to attend a one-day hospital orientation. In addition nurses, regardless of their level of experience, are required to attend a two week class room skill-based validation orientation to pediatric nursing at Nationwide Children’s. Once this orientation is complete, the nurse then begins the orientation within the unit, clinic or department they are hired into.

Orientation to units, clinics or departments may vary based on the acuity of the patients and the duties of the nurses. In order to provide consistent training and feedback, every effort will be made to ensure your orientation process has minimal changes in the personnel with whom you will interact. Each unit, clinic and department requires validation by training personnel of the nurses for specific skill sets as the orientation process is completed.