A Message from our Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

Lee Ann Wallace
A Message From Lee Ann Wallace, MBA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC

Welcome to your search for nursing information at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Whether you are new to the idea of becoming a nurse or an experienced RN looking for a new work atmosphere, we're glad you've come to us.

Nationwide Children’s patient care teams are made up of high-performing leaders who care enough for their patients to go the extra mile to strive to be better. Excellent patient care happens when nursing staff have the right education, correct levels of staff to provide care, and use research and evidence as the basis for their decisions.

In April 2005, Nationwide Children's became the first children’s hospital in Ohio to receive Magnet® Recognition and has been re-designated four consecutive times since 2005. Magnet® Recognition is named as such because these hospitals attract and retain the best nursing professionals, which is our goal in nursing at Nationwide Children's. This distinction recognizes what we have always known about our nurses and the excellence in patient care they provide. Magnet® recognized hospitals exhibit improved nurse-to-patient ratios, increased levels of patient satisfaction, reduced mortality and morbidity rates and significantly higher educational preparation of the registered nurse workforce.

Everyday at Nationwide Children’s, I see pride, genuine concern for children, family-centered care, and teams working together in our clinics and on our units to create best outcomes for our patients and families. We are committed to providing an environment that lets our patients, families, visitors, staff and physicians know everyone's voice matters and they are understood, respected and supported when they are at Nationwide Children's.

Along with providing resources for those looking into becoming a nurse, we wish to show you why Nationwide Children's may be the place for you. To get a feel for the day to day work of our teams, I encourage you to visit our YouTube Channel and Tumblr as well as peruse Everything Matters In Patient Care, our quarterly publication.

As you search for information for your nursing career, please send your inquires through our Ask Clinical Talent Acquisition form so that we may help you find what you are looking for.

Best Regards,

Lee Ann Wallace, MBA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Officer, Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services
Nationwide Children's Hospital