Medical Student Research Program

Each year, the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research (CPTR) seeks medical students interested in conducting research related to pediatric trauma. This program, in conjunction with physicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, aims to provide medical students with firsthand research experience in the field of pediatric trauma.

Expectation and Outcomes

Under the supervision of CPTR principal investigators, participating students will have the opportunity to conduct their own pediatric trauma-related research in collaboration with CPTR researchers and physicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Throughout the summer, each student is expected to:

  • Choose a research topic related to pediatric trauma
  • Conduct a literature review
  • Develop a research hypothesis
  • Analyze data from an existing national dataset to evaluate the topic and test the hypothesis
  • Interpret and summarize findings in a manuscript which he/she writes as first author
  • Submit the manuscript to a peer-reviewed scientific journal for publication

Funding Opportunity

Principal investigators at CPTR will work together with each student to develop a research protocol and will help students seek funding to support their research projects.

Contact Information

For more information about this program or for scheduling an interview, please contact Dr. Henry Xiang.