High Performance Computing

About Us

The High Performance Computing (HPC) group opened in July 2015, and operates the Baker compute cluster, named for Dr. Sarah Josephine Baker. High Performance Computing supports researchers by providing computational resources for analysis and simulation of datasets ranging in size from kilobytes to terabytes. 

HPC staff programmers are available to provide assistance to users of all levels of experience, including installation and integration of publicly available software, creation of robust analysis pipelines and development of custom scientific applications. Current HPC users perform DNA and RNA sequence assembly and analysis, statistical genetics simulation and analysis, image analysis and more. Researchers can take advantage of distributed computing and local reference databases to get analysis results quickly.

Services Offered

The High Performance Computing group provides services in the following areas:

  • Sequence assembly and analysis
  • Image analysis
  • Analysis pipeline development
  • Parallel computing
  • GPU applications
  • User training

The High Performance Computing group is supported by Nationwide Children’s Hospital as a strategic resource for researchers throughout the enterprise.

To learn how HPC can improve the speed and quality of research, or to request access to the Baker cluster, email HPC-Support@nationwidechildrens.org.