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The #1 cause of childhood deaths is preventable accidents, and one child health innovator is making homes safer for all children.

Lara McKenzie, PhD , is an injury researcher at Nationwide Children's. She's also the mom of triplets.

With her expertise in child injury prevention and plenty of "mom" experience, Dr. McKenzie has developed innovative tools to protect children in their homes - including the home safety app "Make Safe Happen" in collaboration with Nationwide and Nationwide Foundation.

The app aims to help parents make their home safer with customized, room-to-room safety checklists and links to safety products.

As an injury prevention scientist for more than a decade, Dr. McKenzie's research focusing on home safety and consumer product design have saved countless lives and helped families everywhere.

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Unfortunately, many preventable injuries occur around the home. To help prevent these tragic events, Nationwide Children’s Hospital has developed a first-of-its-kind app with the goal of helping parents make their homes safer.
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Studies show that when it comes to household cleaners, the spray bottle is the most common source of exposure to injury among children in the U.S. Not only have children figured out how to use the spray bottle trigger, they are ingesting the hazardous chemicals typically found in these bottles. So, the researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital who originally researched household cleaner injuries have taken their research and ideas a step further -- they have developed a new prototype with a more difficult mechanism that a child cannot easily operate. Watch Lara McKenzie, in the Center for Injury Research and Policy explain why she worked with a team to create this new prototype.