ICRC Research Projects 2012-2019

Drug Overdoses and Poisonings among Adolescents and Young Adults in Ohio
Principal Investigator: Xiang
Findings will provide statistical data about drug poisonings among adolescents and young adults in Ohio, which will be used to guide intervention programs to prevent drug overdoses and poisonings in local communities.

Assessment of How Parents Access, Understand, and Use Pediatric Injury News
Principal Investigator: McKenzie
This study will assess how parents access, understand, react to, and further disseminate information from media sources reporting on pediatric injury studies that focus on (1) motor vehicle crashes and the use of child safety seats or (2) poisoning prevention and the safe storage of poisons and household cleaners. Findings from the study will help injury researchers, communication specialists, and others ensure that parents are informed about and understand safe practices.

Critical Smoke Alarm Characteristics to Awaken Children and Older Adults from Slow Wave Sleep
Principal Investigator: Smith
Research has shown that children 5-12 years of age are unlikely to be awakened by a conventional residential tone smoke alarm in the event of a fire. The first phase of this study will identify key smoke alarm characteristics (i.e., use of child’s first name, behavior commands in the message content, use of mother’s voice, and stimulus frequency) associated with awakening of children from slow wave sleep and prompting their escape. The second phase of this study will determine the effectiveness of the child voice smoke alarm in awakening older adults 60-84 years of age. The findings will be used to develop an effective and practical smoke alarm for children and older adults.

Evaluation of State Concussion Policy Effectiveness and Outcomes
Principal Investigator: Comstock
This research will evaluate state concussion policies’ effectiveness and outcomes, both those that have already been passed and those that will be passed over the next 5 years. The study will use data from The National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance System (High School RIO™).