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Psychology Consultation and Liaison Services

Pediatric Psychology provides inpatient consultation services to the medical sections at the hospital. Pediatric psychologists assess psychosocial concerns and provide appropriate intervention while patients are in the hospital. Psychological interventions may address coping/adjustment, developmentally appropriate understanding of diagnosis/treatment, pain management, procedural distress, grief, traumatic stress, or other emotional/behavioral difficulties.

Additionally, pediatric psychologists may serve as liaisons between the medical provider and patient/family to better enhance communication and facilitate understanding. For some of our patient populations (e.g., newly diagnosed cancer, burn injury, sickle cell disease, and all youth admitted to our physical rehabilitation unit), a pediatric psychologist is automatically consulted during their admissions as part of comprehensive multidisciplinary care.  Pediatric psychologists may also continue to follow patients on an outpatient basis through medical specialty clinics or in Psychology Clinic.

Additionally, pediatric psychologists also regularly participate in multidisciplinary team meetings, care conferences, and program development.

Pediatric Psychology serves the following teams:

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Eric M. Butter, PhD

Eric M. Butter, PhD

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