Annual Volunteer Health Requirements

Flu Vaccine Information

  • All volunteers are required to have a Flu Vaccine annually.
  • Employee Health offers flu vaccine clinics where volunteers can receive their flu shot free of charge. This is available to any volunteer 18 years and older. You must come to one of the scheduled clinic times. Teen volunteers must use their own community provider to get the vaccine administered. 
  • It may be more convenient to get a flu vaccine elsewhere in the community. If so, complete the survey in the ReadySet portal and then send documentation to Employee Health by emailing a copy to Make sure your name is clearly visible and write “volunteer” and the last 4 digits of your social security number on your documentation.  You can either take a photo or scan the document provided by the doctor or pharmacy. The Employee Health fax number is (614) 355-4142.
  • For more information on influenza on the flu vaccine, check with your primary care physician or visit the CDC website.
  • Medical exemptions for volunteers must be completed by your physician and approved by Epidemiology. Please obtain the proper form from Employee Health. No personal or religious exemptions are permitted.
  • If you have questions about the flu vaccine or difficulty logging in to ReadySet, please contact Employee Health at or (614) 355-4135.