Your Impact

The actions taken by philanthropists like you have a lasting impact.  Donations of all sizes carry lifesaving importance and power.  When you give your time, your donations, or your expertise to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, you become part of our mission to revolutionize the future health and potential of all children. 

Meet our Donors

It is because of the generosity of our donors that Nationwide Children’s is a world-renowned pediatric healthcare institution.  We are at the threshold of some truly extraordinary work.  On one side stands our past and present – an institution conducting remarkable research and providing the best treatment options available to children and their families.  On the other side lies our future, our aspirations.  A place where existing limitations in pediatric healthcare are not only stretched but broken.  A place when excellence is merely the foundation for something bigger.  We are proud to be in this position; one we could not have achieved without the support of our closest friends and partners.


Research breeds hope.  Hope for a better outcome. Hope for a quicker and safer treatment, a vaccine, a cure. The innovative breakthroughs of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s drives the discovery and development of new knowledge, and the new ways to save lives and improve pediatric health.