Meet Our Partners

If you're not already inspired by our mission to help children everywhere, meet our giving partners. They will definitely energize you. Not only can they vividly imagine what's possible – gentler treatments for cancer, no wheelchairs, fewer surgeries, safer pregnancies – they are actively making it happen.

Money is powerful. From the humblest jingle of the spare change you leave at the register to the multi-million dollar gift that builds a research facility. Put it all together, and your impact is immense. We are indeed helping children around the world with our breakthrough research, and locally with our personal care, no matter the family's ability to pay.

It's not just dollars. There's a spirit of caring behind the giving that we honor, recognize and cherish. What more noble gesture is there than helping children and their families through a difficult illness? We hope that when you – either as an individual or member of a major U.S. corporation – give and see the results of your giving, that you take a quiet moment to reflect on what a difference you've made.

We Can All Be a Part of a Child's Future

Whether you're one person, a local business, a leading national brand or a member of the Children's Miracle Network, if you're ready to be our partner, we have a team at Nationwide Children's ready to help you do it your way.


Thank You!

Thank you to our 2021 Corporate Partners for your unwavering commitment to children everywhere. With your help, we can continue to conduct ground-breaking research and to provide life-saving care to kids like Madelyn and the other 1.3 million patients visits a year, regardless of their ability to pay.