We have two types of "individual" partners: people and private foundations who want to see an ailing child enjoy the best health possible.

One person can do such much – volunteer at a fundraising event, give an annual gift, talk about our mission, attend our events and advocate for child health care. You may be a child's grandparent or the head of a private foundation. We will support and honor your leadership and giving goals.

Ways to Give

Because we value every gift so greatly, we offer many ways to give. Find the gift that's right for you.

Donor Stories

Lucky for us, there are many generous people just like you. We love capturing their stories. They warm our hearts and inspire us to greater heights.

Annual Giving Circle

This annual giving society is an extremely influential group to whom we are most grateful. If your personal goal is philanthropic leadership, we invite you to join. We'll help you enlist new partners in our mission to build a healthy future for children everywhere.