Volunteer Positions

Volunteers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital provide support to patients, families, and staff in a wide variety of roles.

Some assignments have direct patient contact, others are more supportive, and all are very much appreciated!

Some of our volunteer positions include:

Nationwide Children's Hospital - Main Campus

Activity Group

Assist in providing a variety of fun, creative activity groups for the patients in the hospital.

Art Cart

Deliver arts and crafts supplies to patients and assist with projects as requested.

Alliance Data Sibling Clubhouse

Assist in providing safe and appropriate supportive activities for pre-school and school-age siblings of children receiving care at Nationwide Children's.

The Sibling Clubhouse is currently in high need of day time, week day volunteers to help our patients' siblings. Please apply directly at the link below if you are interested in volunteering at the Sibling Clubhouse.

Emergency Department

Serve as a support person to the Emergency Room staff, assisting in any way the nurses, doctors and ancillary staff deem necessary. Must be 21 years old.

Family Resource Center

Provide hospitality and supportive services for family members and staff in new educational, fitness and resource area.

Gift Shop

Provide a service of convenience to employees, patients and visitors. Volunteer clerk assists Gift Shop staff with daily routine, while representing the hospital in a positive way.

Information Desk

Assist Information Desk staff in their role of delivery of telephone messages, directing families, and with other miscellaneous tasks.

Patient Transport

Assist with wagon/wheelchair collection and cleaning and patient discharges. 

Outpatient Clinics

Provide support to staff and diversional activities to patients.

Patient Care Units

Provide support to unit staff, patients and families through activities such as interactive play, reading, crafts, etc.

Toy Washing and Playroom Maintenance

Maintain guidelines and policies for the playroom contents and play equipment, and keep the area clean, organized and safe for patients and families.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities Information

For more information, contact Family and Volunteer Services at (614) 722-3635 or e-mail Volunteering@NationwideChildrens.org.