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We are looking for entrepreneurs to become engaged with Nationwide Children's Hospital to transform pediatric health care.

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we believe that innovation is vital to improving research and pediatric healthcare. Currently treating 1.4 million patients across the globe, we believe every child deserves the chance to enjoy their childhood. Collaboration between Nationwide Children’s and the robust entrepreneurial community can revolutionize the ways in which we provide quality healthcare for our patients and families. 

Nationwide Children’s is one of the largest, most comprehensive children’s hospitals in the country. Our Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice believes in the mission to improve the health of children and their families through technologies and communication techniques.

We are proud to support new innovations in healthcare and are looking forward to growth in the following areas:

  • Gene and Cell Therapy: developing new biological approaches to treat and cure disease
  • Artificial Intelligence: efficiently extend our care to low-income and hard to reach areas
  • 4-D Organ Bioprinting: allows for physicians to practice risky procedures before surgery
  • Genomics: coding individual DNA to identify disease origins and treatments
  • Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement: allows for in-depth analysis of gait and mobility for orthopedic and neurosurgeries, physical therapies, and rehabilitation services

To learn more contact Ben Kozberg for more information.


Nick Potts Founder and CEO of ScriptDrop

“I committed to pledge a small percentage of my personal equity and be a part of Entrepreneurs for Kids Everywhere to continue driving innovation at Nationwide Children's Hospital. My small commitment may not change THE world, but it very likely could change SOMEONE'S world. And, that is worth so much to me. I would love entrepreneurs to explore this as an option to give back."

- Nick Potts, Founder and CEO of ScriptDrop

John Manner CoFounder of MavenNext

“I decided to pledge a portion of my equity to Nationwide Children's Hospital because I know the research going on there is at the forefront of modern-day breakthroughs. From gene therapy to unique cancer treatments, my money is going to help children who need it most. I also wanted to be involved with like-minded individuals in the entrepreneur group who understand the hospital's goals and are trying to grow their companies as well.”

- John Manner, Co-Founder of MavenNext

Matt Golis Founder and CEO of GiveGame

"It feels great knowing that GiveGame’s success as a company can be shared with Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) through the Entrepreneurs for Kids Everywhere program. GiveGame’s mission is to make giving fun to help nonprofits raise money more effectively. As CEO, gifting a percentage of GiveGame’s stock to NCH was one of the easiest decisions I could possibly make and I would strongly encourage other entrepreneurs to do the same."

- Matt Golis, Founder and CEO of GiveGame

Matt Golis Founder and CEO of GiveGame

"As a former associate of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and now the Co-founder of a venture-backed startup, I recognize Entrepreneurs for Kids Everywhere as an amazing opportunity to share the success of Rhove with a world-class institution. The global impact of Nationwide Children’s Hospital from both a pediatric treatment and research perspective is simply incredible. This program is a way to positively impact the lives of children around the world, and I encourage all entrepreneurs to consider joining."

- Jonathan Slemp, Co-Founder of Rhove

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