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Butterfly Wagons

Butterflies are beautiful and represent resilience. Our butterflies are a symbol of hope, promoting optimism in our healing environment.

More importantly, our butterflies have an important purpose, to help children and families relax and find comfort during times of stress.

What better form for our wagons to take than one of our butterflies, comforting our patients and families on their journey throughout the hospital.

Butterfly Wagons 

Wagons are custom-made for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, featuring the following:
  • A unique butterfly design in our signature Nationwide Children’s blue
  • Our hospital name on the handle
  • Our logo like a license plate on the back of each one
  • Can hold up to 230 pounds
  • The option for a custom plaque with YOUR dedication information

You can help us fund a butterfly effect with our wagons around the hospital. Wagons are available for dedication for $500 each.

Dedication Information

Due to COVID-19, we have removed all wagons from the hospital until further notice. Dedications have also paused during this time.

Wagon donors will have the option of dedicating their wagon in one of two ways. They are:

  1. In honor of
  2. Honoring the generosity of

Personalized dedications are limited to 25 characters and are open to Nationwide Children's editing and approval.

Sample Dedication:

Wagon Dedication

Wagon dedication takes 6-8 weeks to complete, wagon donations of over $1000 (or over 2 wagons) will take up to 12 weeks to complete.

Wagon Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a wagon for myself?

Wagons are custom built for Nationwide Children’s, utilizing the Nationwide Children’s Hospital butterfly and are not available for purchase outside of hospital use.

If you would like to donate a wagon without a dedication or in honor of yourself, please leave the dedication field on the donation form blank.

What if I previously purchased a wagon?

Wagons that were previously bought/donated will continue to be used until they are retired due to age and/or use.

Does my name get transferred to a new wagon?

Currently, when an older wagon is retired, dedication information is not transferred to a new one.

Since older wagons will continue to be utilized until they are retired, we will not be transferring name/dedications to new wagons.



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