Nationwide Innovation Fund

Improving the health of children takes visionary support. Since 2014, the Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund has contributed $40 million to accelerate the most promising treatments and discoveries at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The Innovation Fund has supported several key clinical and research efforts in heart health, neonatology, injury prevention and most notably genomics.

The Institute for Genomic Medicine


The Institute for Genomic Medicine is one of the first ventures into pediatric personalized genomic medicine at any children’s hospital. It focuses on genomics as the root cause of many childhood diseases.

The human genome is the blueprint for what makes up a human being and can help us determine the cause and best treatment for virtually all medical conditions. Other institutions need 72 hours to sequence and analyze the human genome. At Nationwide Children’s, we have developed technology to do the same in 90 minutes. This breakthrough will change how we treat childhood diseases because for our children, their future is now.

It takes 90 minutes and $800 to analyze a genome

Average time to analyze a genome is 72 hours and can be done in 90 minutes at nationwide children's hospital


Meet the leaders of the Institute, Dr. Elaine Mardis and Dr. Rick Wilson, and for more information about the Institute’s work, visit our Research Institute

Visionary Support


Nationwide and the Nationwide Foundation have been tremendous. They understand why this is really important for patients and for the hospital.” – Dr. Rick Wilson


The Nationwide Foundation’s generosity is already making a transformational impact for The Institute. Just six months after its establishment, 40 children and their families have begun the complex process of genome sequencing, which has a goal of finding genetic linkages and possibly enhanced treatment options for the children’s various conditions.

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Additionally, the Nationwide Foundation’s support has also enabled the establishment of endowed chairs for Drs. Wilson and Mardis, named the Nationwide Foundation Endowed Chairs in Genomic Medicine. Endowed chairs represent the most prestigious and significant recognition for clinicians and researchers, and enable Nationwide Children’s to recruit and retain world-renowned talent.