Family Guidelines in the NICU/NSCU

We want to make sure your stay at Nationwide Children’s is comfortable. These guidelines were designed to make a safe environment for your baby here in the NICU/NSCU. We ask that you please take the time to read these over and understand them. Thank you for helping us reach the best outcome for your baby.

  • To lower the risk of electronic interference with patient equipment, do not use your cell phone within 36 inches of any medical equipment. Please do not talk on your cell phone at your baby’s bedside.

  • To keep your baby safe, do not put stuffed animals or toys in your baby’s bed. A limit of two stuffed animals and toys are allowed in your baby’s room. For developmental play, more toys may be allowed with permissions from the health care team. Stuffed animals or toys are not allowed in your baby's bed. 

  • Please do not put personal items or pictures on the walls.

  • Food and drinks are allowed in some areas selected by the unit. Keep all foods and drinks off the floor.

  • Audio/visual recording is allowed after it is approved by you and the doctor. Nationwide Children’s staff members are not to be included in the audio/visual recording. Please pull the curtain so you do not film or photograph other babies nearby.

  • Parents can sleep at the bedside as long as the health care team can access your baby to provide care.

  • Please use hand gel before every contact with your baby. We recommend regularly wiping off your electronics, like phones or tablets, as recommended.

  • Flowers and balloons are not allowed.

Access to Unit

  • You are an important part of your baby’s health care team and have 24 hour access.

  • Grandparents have 24 hour access with your permission.

  • Siblings can visit during visiting hours (8 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.). They must stay in your baby’s room/area.

  • Two family members or friends can visit with your permission as long as the health care team can get to your baby. The developmental needs of your baby and the other babies in the area must not be disturbed.

  • If siblings, family or friends have the flu, they may not visit the unit.

  • Visitor restrictions will be in place during flu and RSV season. Ask your social worker about this policy.

Transmission Based Precautions

Babies may be placed under one or more of the following precautions in the event they have or develop a contagious illness.
  • For Contact Precautions: You will need to wear a gown and gloves when helping with your baby’s care or if you come in contact with body fluids.
  • For Droplet Precautions: You will need to wear a mask when touching or in close contact with your baby.
  • For Airborne Precautions: Masks must be worn by everyone coming into the baby’s room.