Using a Nasal Spray for your Child

A lot of people use nasal sprays, but a lot of people use nasal sprays incorrectly. Just follow these simple steps and we’ll have you feeling better, faster. First, blow your nose to get the mucous out. Take a quick look down, like you’re reading a book. Now, use the opposite hand to nostril and insert the nozzle straight back and aim outward away from the middle part of your nose. Most doctors suggest just a spray or two. Then, switch hands and repeat on the other side. You don’t want to sniff or blow your nose immediately after using your medicine. You’ll lose the good stuff that needs to stay put!

Video Transcript

There are lots of different nasals sprays and most of them are used the same way. But, people often don’t use them properly.

To keep the medicine in the nose, follow these steps.

First you want to look down like you’re reading a book.

Then, using the opposite hand to opposite nostril, you want to insert your nose spray straight back and tilt outward, then do one or two sprays.

The reason we tell you to tilt the nozzle away from the middle of your nose, is because if you spray the middle septum time and time again, that can cause nose bleeds.

It’s best to help younger children with their nose spray.

Have the child sit down and you stand or squat in front of them. And using a similar technique, have the child look down like they’re reading a book. You insert the nozzle straight back and tilt outward toward their eye or ear on that side. Then do one or two squirts.

The reason we suggest you look down like you’re reading a book is that prevents the medicine from draining back into your throat. Our goal is to keep the medicine right where you need it.

“I did it!”

After you do the spray you don’t need to sniff back and you don’t want to blow your nose. If a little runs out you can dab it with a tissue.

Now you give it a try.

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