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Transitional Care in Gynecology: When Should Your Child Switch to an Adult Provider?

A woman’s first visit to an adult GYN practice is a great opportunity for her to take further ownership of her gynecologic health as she transitions to another stage in her life. An adult GYN provider treats women’s breast and pelvic health issues and associated surgical needs, hormonal issues, pregnancy and postnatal care.

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Menstrual Manipulation for Patients With Disabilities

Adolescence can be a period of turbulence and transition for both teens and their parents or caregivers. Teens with disabilities—physical, intellectual, or both—also encounter the challenges of adolescence, particularly when it comes to pubertal development, menstruation and sexuality.

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It's Just Cramps - or Is It?

The majority of young girls have experienced menstrual cramps. Unfortunately, some girls also experience additional symptoms such as pain down the legs, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headaches, worsening migraines and passing out. What happens when medications don’t work? When young girls continue to have pain despite these first-line therapies, it is important to consider that the pain may be more than just cramps.

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Not Your Mother's Gynecologist: Why Adolescent Girls Should See Their Own Specialists

Although adult gynecologists treat conditions in older women, differences in the anatomy of children make the advanced training of a pediatric and adolescent gynecologist valuable.

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Not Your Typical Menstrual Pain: Endometriosis in Teens and Adolescents

Endometriosis is a condition in which the menstrual tissue is found outside the uterus, within the pelvis. Girls who have a mother, sister or aunt with endometriosis have an almost 10 times increased chance of developing it.

Teens, Birth Control and “The Talk” – What You Need to Know

When it comes to birth control and sexual health, pediatricians are a trusted source of information. If you have a teen, here’s what to expect at the doctor’s office, along with tips for talking to your teen.

Teens and Pregnancy: 10 Things They Don’t Tell Your Teen in Sex Ed

Some parents may find it awkward or difficult to talk to their kids about sex, but May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month so there is no better time than the present! Here are a few things they may not have learned in health class.

Kids and Pain: Treatment and Care After Surgery

After a surgical procedure, a person is often told to take a pill every few hours to feel better. According to guidelines from the American Pain Society, there are better options than just a pill for postoperative pain management.

When Your Daughter Wants Plastic Surgery: What Parents Need to Know About Labial Hypertrophy

Before you or your daughter decide on an elective surgery to fix a problem that most likely doesn’t need fixing, I hope you’ll consider the following.



PediaCast 331: Talking To Children and Teens About Sex

Dr. Elise Berlan and Dr. Wendy Anderson-Willis join Dr. Mike in the PediaCast Studio for a discussion on talking with kids and teens about sex.

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