Tips for Talking With Your Parents

When the time is right to talk to your parents about birth control there are a few small things you can do to help the conversation go smoothly.

  1. Plan ahead. Schedule a time where there will be no rush, no distractions and you both can give undivided attention.

  2. Be prepared. Make a list of topics and questions you don’t want to forget to talk about. Let them know why you want to go on birth control.

  3. Learn about all of the different birth control options available today. There are many new options available such as the IUD and implant. Take a moment to learn about which birth control method may suit your lifestyle best.

  4. Use a prop. Use a magazine article, TV show or movie scenes to jump start the conversation.

  5. Be honest. Tell the truth if you feel embarrassed or awkward. Let your parent know how you are feeling.

  6. Listen to what your parent has to say.

  7. Stay calm and listen. It is ok to be nervous and chances are they are just as nervous as you. Just remember, they were once teens too!