A Place to Talk About Birth Control, Sexually Transmitted Infections and More - Without Judgment

Young Women's Contraceptive Services Program (BC4Teens)

The BC4Teens Program is a place for young women up to age 25 to talk with medical experts about sex, birth control, sexually transmitted infections and get the birth control that's right for them — with no judgment.

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During Your Visit

During a visit, our experienced staff will address reproductive health questions and concerns, as well as provide counseling and education.

Adolescents and their parents or guardians are empowered to select contraceptives best suited for their individual needs.

During an appointment, our staff and medical providers will: 

  • Address all questions and concerns
  • Provide education on a full range of contraceptive choices and work with you to select the best choice to suit your needs
  • Provide same day birth control, including low maintenance birth control such as the implant and IUD
  • Follow up to address questions and provide appointment reminders

Learn What To Expect During Your First Appointment

Our Locations

Livingston Ambulatory Center

Livingston Ambulatory Center

Meet Our Team

Our professional and caring staff are here to answer all your questions and concerns about your body. We'll also talk with you and about making healthy choices about relationships and sex, along with different options of birth control to choose what's best for you. All with no judgement.

Birth Control Resources

Whether you're a teen, young adult, parent or provider, we have birth control resources for you. 

Two Teens Smiling Outdoors

Which Birth Control is Right For Me?

The implant. IUDs. The shot. Learn more about available birth control methods.

Teen Girl Checking Her Cell Phone Outdoors

Birth Control Myths

When it comes to birth control, there are a lot of myths out there. And those myths might leave you with a lot of questions. Get the facts.

Mom and Daughter Talking Outside

Tips for Talking With Your Parents

When the time is right to talk to your parents about birth control, there are a few small things you can do to help the conversation go smoothly.

Mom Talking to Her Teenage Daughter

For Parents

Parents play a key role in educating children and providing support to prevent unplanned teen pregnancies. Check out resources for you.

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For Providers

Whether you’re seeking the latest birth control option information or resources to help patients make confident contraceptive decisions, our provider resources can assist.

Two Teen Girls with Tablet

Birth Control Myths

When it comes to birth control, there are a lot of myths out there.