The Heart Center telemedicine service allows for the use of store-and-forward cardiac data to enhance local treatment of cardiac patients, which leads to more timely diagnosis and intervention. Through the electronic transmission of cardiac data from a remote site to The Heart Center, the patients’ cardiac studies are stored and transmitted to the Nationwide Children’s Heart Center specialists who then analyze, interpret and make clinical decisions based on the data received. Our vision with telemedicine capabilities is to provide the highest level of care possible while minimizing stress. Through collaborative decision-making, we will help evaluate and determine immediate next step(s) of care as well as provide continued recommendations as developments occur.

Services Provided via Telemedicine

  • Remote monitoring enables patient encounters and provider consultations

    • The transmission of patient imaging data including transthoracic/transesophageal and fetal echocardiograms, radiographic studies, electrocardiographic studies

    • Home surveillance monitoring

  • Interactive video consultations with the following Heart Center specialists to assist in diagnosing and developing a treatment plan

    • EP, Interventional Cardiology

    • Cardiothoracic Surgery

    • Adult Congenital Heart

    • Heart and Heart/Lung Transplants

    • Non-invasive Diagnostics

    • Pediatric Medical Cardiology

    • Fetal Cardiac Interventional

  • Real-time video conferencing, webinars and educational opportunities where clinical professionals in a remote site collaborate directly with Heart Center specialists

Benefits of The Heart Center Telemedicine at Nationwide Children's

With telemedicine capabilities, an entire world-class cardiac team of cardiologists, surgeons, intensivists, nurses and technicians is behind you, enabling you to provide the highest level of care possible for your patients, while minimizing their stress. Through collaborative decision-making we will help evaluate and determine the immediate next step(s) of care as well as provide continued recommendations as developments occur. As leaders in the industry, our dedication and resources also include the ability and commitment to provide on-going cardiac education through video conferencing and webinars.

Benefits to Patients

  • Better access to heart specialty and subspecialty

  • Quicker, more accurate diagnosis and treatment

  • Improved quality outcomes

  • Reduce travel costs

Through telemedicine, remote site community hospitals will be able to:

  • Access to the entire Heart Center team, resources and capabilities

  • Provide local populations with access to cardiac specialists

  • Bring collaborative, higher-end cardiac services to the community

More Information

To learn more about the use of telemedicine with The Heart Center at Nationwide Children’s, or to find out how your hospital can partner with us, download the Heart Center Telemedicine Fact Sheet or the Telemedicine at Nationwide Children's Brochure.