Advanced Cardiac Imaging

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Advanced Cardiac Imaging consists of a comprehensive center with physicians and staff from The Heart Center and Radiology. Our team works together to bring expertise from both areas to provide the most accurate and timely diagnosis for the best outcome for our patients.

We use the most up-to-date hardware and software technology in both cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) and X-Ray computered tomography (CT). This not only improves the patients and families’ experience, but it provides our local and national peers with the best way to diagnose their patient’s heart disease.

The combination of a pediatric cardiologist and a pediatric radiologist working together bridges the expertise in both complex imaging technology and complex cardiac anatomy and physiology using the best procedures possible. The cutting-edge technology and team approach allows Advanced Cardiac Imaging the capability to perform high-quality, diagnostic studies from the smallest and youngest premature infant to adults of any age or size, who may have various acquired and congenital heart disease.

What is unique about our laboratory is not only the collaboration between our cardiologist and radiologist, but the patient and family experience before, during and after the scan. We provide real-time answers to complex cardiac problems. We perform basic CMR and CT for routine follow-up, assess efficacy of treatment and provide answers to questions not able to be obtained by other areas to help create a road map for medical management by our clinician, cardiac catheterization and surgical team in their endeavor to provide the best outcome for patients and their family.

We also provide advanced imaging assessment of the patients functional and coronary artery reserve using one of two pharmacological stress agents. But what is most unique is that we are one of the few pediatric centers in the country that performed functional CT when patients are unable to undergo CMR studies due to contra-indications such as, but not limited to, pacemakers, ICD or retained pace maker leads. The functional CT allows us to provide our patients and referring doctor important cardiac functional and chamber size information in addition to the anatomic findings that may be vital to the patient’s treatment plan.

To complement the most advanced imaging technology, our team has an Advanced Imaging Post-Processing expertise that is one of the best in the country with more than 10 years of experience using the most advanced software technology to complement our hardware. The expertise of the advanced imaging analyst team works closely with the cardiologist and radiologist performing studies with highly experience and qualified CMR and CT technologists. This team approach allows Advanced Cardiac Imaging to work seamlessly to provide the highest quality studies to help your doctor in their journey to provide the best outcome for you or your child without an invasive procedure.