Whether your child is newly diagnosed, or you have been living with a congenital heart condition for many years, our pediatric experts at The Heart Center offer specialized patient care and support for the entire family.

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Adolescent & Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Program

One of the first centers to receive a five-year accreditation from the Adult Congenital Heart Association, our program includes six ACHD board-certified cardiologists. Our team offers everything an adult congenital heart patient needs, including pregnancy planning, catheterizations and surgery.

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Advanced Cardiac Imaging

The Advanced Cardiac Imaging Laboratory is a comprehensive center that utilizes multidisciplinary expertise to provide the most accurate and timely diagnosis for our patients.

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Cardiac Anesthesia

The mission of the Section of Cardiac Anesthesia program is to provide high quality, comprehensive anesthesiology services for our patients throughout The Heart Center.

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Cardiac Critical Care

Our dedicated cardiothoracic intensive care unit (CTICU) and separate cardiac step-down unit were designed to be the optimum environment to care for the complex and unique needs of our cardiac patients.

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Cardiomyopathy, Heart Failure & Heart Transplant Program

We treat patients with heart failure including medical management and mechanical assist devices as a bridge to transplant. We work with patients and families to plan treatment that provides the best possible quality of life.

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Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Our program is a medically supervised, individually tailored program consisting of exercise and education to help patients feel better, increase endurance and improve their overall quality of life.

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The echocardiography laboratory at Nationwide Children’s interprets over 11,000 echocardiograms per year and is the largest volume echocardiography laboratory in the state.

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Electrophysiology & Pacing

The electrophysiologists and other specialists at The Heart Center provide a full range of services focused on the needs of children diagnosed with conditions such as arrhythmia and fainting.

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Exercise Physiology

The mission of the Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology Lab at Nationwide Children's is to assess the ability of patients to perform physical activities at home, school, work and recreation.

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Fetal Cardiac Program

When you learn your unborn child has a heart defect, the fetal cardiac team is here to help. From education to building comprehensive treatment plans, monitoring and fetal interventions, we work together to ensure the best possible outcome for your baby.

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Heart & Chest Surgery

We treat patients with congenital heart disease with the simplest to the most complex procedures. Our program and outcomes are held to the highest standards. We participate in several national databases and registries as well as advisory panels.

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Home Monitoring

The Heart Center's Home Monitoring Program arms parents with the ability to monitor weight and oxygen levels at home to help prevent illness and to provide early detection of changing cardiac status.

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Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiology is an internationally recognized program that provides a full spectrum of diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization procedures.

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Kawasaki Disease Program

Our world-class, comprehensive care program for Kawasaki disease combines teams from Infectious Diseases and The Heart Center.

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Lung & Heart-Lung Transplant Program

Our program utilizes a multidisciplinary team of lung transplant and heart-lung transplant experts in the transplantation of children and adults with childhood lung diseases.

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Mechanical Cardiopulmonary Assist Program

The Mechanical Cardiopulmonary Assist Program (MCPAP) provides hope to the most fragile pediatric and adult patients facing heart, lung or heart/lung transplants.

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Medical Cardiology

The Heart Center offers a wealth of services such as adult medicine, in-house attending neonatologists and cardiac intensivists and dedicated cardiac anesthesiologists who deliver high-quality care day and night.

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Patient Concierge and Navigator Program

The Heart Center offers services to help families navigate each phase of their care at Nationwide Children’s. We are here to assist you with both your clinical and nonclinical needs.

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Preventive Cardiology Clinic

The Preventive Cardiology Clinic believes in focusing on family education to help children live a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

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Single Ventricle Program

Our program is dedicated to helping children and families cope with the challenges of a single ventricle diagnosis and improve outcomes. The Heart Center is among only a handful of centers in North America that offer this dedicated service.

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With telemedicine capabilities, an entire world-class cardiac team of cardiologists, surgeons, intensivists, nurses and technicians provide the highest level of care.