Patient Concierge and Navigator Program

The Heart Center offers Patient Concierge and Patient Navigator services to patients and families. These services are provided to help you navigate each phase of your care at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We are here to assist you with both your clinical and nonclinical needs.

Patient Concierge

Our Patient Concierge will link you and your family with the services and resources you need to be healthy and comfortable. She communicates with the entire health care team and will be a key point of contact.

The Concierge is not a nurse but will help you:

  • Get care and communicate with your health care team
  • Connect with support services and community resources
  • Fill out paperwork and handle scheduling
  • With directions and guidance in any of our locations

Patient Navigator

The Navigator is a Registered Nurse. They will also be a main point of contact during your outpatient visits, throughout your stay at the hospital and after you go home.

The Patient Navigator will help you:

  • Understand what your doctors tell you
  • Educate yourself and learn about your diagnosis
  • Answer any questions or concerns during or after your stay
  • Track your progress and plan toward your discharge