Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy)

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

How Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Work?

During gastric sleeve surgery, your stomach is stapled to create a new shape similar to a sleeve or tube. Then, around 80 percent of the stomach is removed. Therefore, the stomach will be much smaller after surgery, enabling you to feel full sooner and for a longer period of time.

How Long Will Surgery Take?

The procedure itself takes about two hours. It is performed laparoscopically, so it requires only small incisions. Gastric sleeve patients typically remain in the hospital an average of one to two days.

What are the Advantages?

The gastric sleeve surgery is considered a less complicated alternative to the gastric bypass surgery. It has a lower risk of complications, including malnutrition. Most patients experience a significant weight loss and improvement in obseity-related illness.

What are the Disadvantages and Risks?

The gastric sleeve surgery is still a fairly new procedure for teens. Few scientific studies have been performed that examine long-term outcomes. Ongoing studies should provide more information in the future. Surgical risks are similar to other bariatric operations. They include leaks, blood clots and infection. The gastric sleeve surgery is not reversible.