Do I Qualify for Bariatric Surgery?

Thank you for your interest in the Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Program at the Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The decision to undergo this type of surgery will be one of the biggest decisions you and your family will make. It will affect all aspects of your life. Any surgical weight loss procedure will need to be linked with many major changes in your family’s lifestyle and eating habits. As you begin to lose weight, the way you feel about yourself and the way your family and friends look at you will change. Our bariatric surgery staff will be there to help you along the way.

Who Qualifies for Bariatric Surgery? Not Everyone is a Candidate.

Weight loss surgery is not for all overweight people. It offers an option for people who have not been able to maintain weight loss and control their health through dieting alone.

To qualify for weight loss surgery, you must:

  • Be at least 100 pounds over your ideal body weight (BMI greater than 40 kg/M2or BMI greater than 35 kg/M2 with medical problems)
  • Complete the work up for bariatric surgery (includes a psychological evaluation, laboratory work, sleep study, cardiology evaluation, bariatric surgery support group, other tests/evaluations/requirements and approval for surgery)
  • Be recommended for bariatric surgery by our bariatric team

How Do I Calculate a Body Mass Index (BMI)?

To calculate BMI, the child’s weight is divided by his/her height squared and the result multiplied by 703 (weight ÷ height2 x 703). Calculate a child’s BMI. Once parents determine their child’s BMI, they should discuss it with their doctor.

Alternatives to Weight Loss Surgery

The Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition offers three medical weight loss programs for children and adolescents who struggle with being overweight:

New U Flex Program

  • For children 5 years and older

New U Weekly Program

  • For children 11 years and older

New U Jr. Program

  • For children 5 to 10 years old