Volunteer of the Year Nominees

Each month we recognize one volunteer who consistently demonstrates outstanding quality of work, quantity of work, customer service, dedication, and mission. Nominations come from staff, families, and other volunteers. Each year, one of our Volunteers of the Month is given the honor of Volunteer of the Year!

Ballots may be cast by any Nationwide Children's Hospital Employee, Staff Member or Volunteer.

2018 Volunteer of the Year voting closed March 8. Stay tuned for an announcement. 

January Volunteer of the Month: Jim Lubinsky

current resident fellow

More Than 666 Hours of Service

Jim Lubinsky began volunteering in 2015 and has dedicated more than 666 hours of service. His volunteer assignments include clerical support in the Cytogenetics Lab, Family Experience Liaison and the seasonal ‘Santa’s Helper’ role. “Jim’s dedication to Nationwide Children’s is evident in everything that he does,” shares Volunteer Program Manager Kim Cummin. “You will rarely see Jim without a smile and he emanates a warm welcoming demeanor with everyone he interacts with.”

February Volunteer of the Month: Sharon Lee

current resident fellow

More Than 166 Hours of Service

Sharon Lee began volunteering in 2016 and has dedicated more than 166 hours of service. Sharon volunteers in the outpatient Infusion Clinic. “Sharon is a dedicated volunteer who is helpful to everyone she interacts with in the clinic,” shared RN Mary Elliott.

March Volunteer of the Month: Christina Hahn

current resident fellow

More Than 537 Hours of Service

Christy Hahn began volunteering in 2015 and has dedicated more than 537 hours of service. She recently started volunteering in the new H7B NICU. “Christy is a caring & loving person to the staff, families and patients she interacts with,” shared Unit C4C RN Clinical Lead Kelly Kennedy. “She is always smiling, easy to talk to and willing to help wherever she is most needed.”

April Volunteer of the Month: Swathi Vudatala

current resident fellow

More Than 250 Hours of Service

High School Volunteer Swathi Vudatala began volunteering in 2014 and has dedicated more than 250 hours of service. She volunteered at the Information Desk for three years before recently transitioning to the H5 patient units. “Swathi is a driven, dependable and responsible volunteer,” shares Information Desk Representative Marsha Cuveilje. “She would go above and beyond her typical duties to provide excellent customer service to patients, families and visitors.”

May Volunteer of the Month: Jim Krueger

current resident fellow

More Than 1,486 Hours of Service

Jim Krueger began volunteering in 2015 and has dedicated more than 1,486 hours of service. Jim volunteers weekly in the Alliance Data Sibling Clubhouse and an evening school-age activity group, and he also assists with short-term volunteer requests. “Jim has been absolutely indispensable in his dual roles with evening activity group and in the Sibling Clubhouse,” shares Sibling Clubhouse Lead Kyle Lemstrom. “Jim is always full of joy – he starts and ends each shift with a smile.”

June Volunteer of the Month: Jennifer Coates

current resident fellow

More Than 144 Hours of Service

Jennifer Coates began volunteering in 2017 and has dedicated more than 144 hours of service. She volunteered with the Infant/Toddler Music Playgroup before recently transitioning to the H10 patient units. “Jennifer was a bright spot in our Tuesday morning playgroup, making every patient and family feel welcome," shared Child Life Specialist Lindsay Schwartz. "Whether she was holding a baby, dancing with a toddler or cleaning toys, Jennifer had a smile and a positive attitude.”

July Volunteer of the Month: Rhonda King

Rhonda King

More Than 832 Hours of Service

Rhonda King began volunteering at the Information Desk in 2012 and has dedicated more than 832 hours of service. Her help is appreciated by the many staff who work at the Information Desk on the weekends. “Rhonda is an asset on the weekends," shares Information Desk Specialist Harriet Jones. "She helps keep things running smoothly.”

August Volunteer of the Month: Kim Heckler

Rhonda King

More Than 200 Hours of Service

Kim Heckler began volunteering in the C4C NICU in 2017 and has given more than 200 hours of service. “Kim is so compassionate and eager to help," shares C4C RN Amanda Gill. "He is very patient with the babies that cry inconsolably."

September Volunteer of the Month: Joe Damico

Rhonda King

More Than 1,400 Hours of Service

Joe Damico began volunteering at Nationwide Children's Hospital in 2001 and has given more than 1,400 hours of service. Joe volunteers with the admitting gift cart and also serves in a family experience role. “In addition to his time spent distributing gifts, Joe is a silent force behind the admitting gift cart, keeping staff on their toes, training incoming volunteers and ensuring that the cart is always improving in its service to our patients and families," shared Sibling Clubhouse Lead Kyle Lemstrom.

October Volunteer of the Month: Makayla Fusco

Makayla Fusco

More Than 156 Hours of Service

Makayla Fusco began volunteering in 2017 and has given more than 156 hours of service during her first year. Makayla is an Art Cart volunteer with outstanding attendance and engagement in her volunteer role. During the previous holiday season, Makayla gave additional service to help the Family & Volunteer Services Department with donation processing. “During the holiday donation season, Makayla took initiative, was willing to help with whatever task was requested of her and gave extra volunteer time beyond her required commitment,” shared Resource Coordinator Steve Johnson.

November Volunteer of the Month: Julie DiAngelis

Julie DiAngelis

More than 942 Hours of Service

Julie DiAngelis began volunteering in 2006 and has dedicated more than 942 hours of service. Julie is an Alliance Data Sibling Clubhouse volunteer, and she has continued to volunteer for more than 12 years. “Julie brings her positive outlook and sparkle to the Clubhouse, always showing genuine interest in the siblings she plays with and reminding them that they matter," shared Sibling Liaison Lisa Bendler.

December Volunteer of the Month: Jessica Augustine

Julie DiAngelis

More Than 157 Hours of Service

Jessica Augustine began volunteering in 2017 and has dedicated more than 157 hours of service. In addition to the traditional Art Cart Volunteer role, Jessi also serves as the program’s Art Cart support volunteer once per week. According to Steve Johnson, FVS Resource Coordinator, Jessi helps maintain the cleanliness and safety of the H6 Art Cart room and assists staff with supply restocking in her support role. Jessi played a significant role in the redesign and upgrades to the H6 Art Cart room.