Volunteer of the Month

Each month, we recognize a volunteer who goes above and beyond to assist our patients and their families.

Staff nominate our volunteers for this well-deserved recognition. Each Volunteer of the Month is eligible for Volunteer of the Year recognition.

Are you a staff member who wants to recognize an amazing volunteer? Email Volunteering@NationwideChildrens.org to nominate him or her.

November Volunteer of the Month: Darlene Martin

Darlene Martin

More than 2,030 hours of service

Darlene Martin began volunteering in 2005 and has given more than 2,030 hours of service. Darlene volunteers in the C4C and H7B NICUs. “The infants Darlene holds and comforts appreciate her soothing and calming voice and the songs she sings to them,” C4C LPN Hea Kyung Kim shares. “Darlene plays a vital part in helping the C4C staff manage infant care by keeping infants happy, calm and comfortable.” “Darlene does such a good job of reading the infant’s cues and trying to meet their developmental needs,” adds Nurse Educator Amy Thomas.

October Volunteer of the Month: Jesse Sandhu

Jesse Sandhu

More than 60 hours of service

Jesse Sandhu began volunteering with the Comprehensive Pediatric Feeding Program in 2019 and has given more than 60 hours of service. “Each shift, Jesse comes in ready to jump in to whatever the day has in store for him,” shares Developmental Support Assistant Mariela Monzalvo. “He brings a contagious eagerness and welcoming character to each patient interaction. His cheerfulness and dedication has helped better the experience of all our patients and families.”

September Volunteer of the Month: Scott Foll

Scott Foll

More than 430 hours of service

Scott Foll began volunteering in the Alliance Data Sibling Clubhouse in 2012 and has given more than 430 hours of service. “Scott drives to Columbus from Circleville in the midst of his workweek at a demanding job to share his time and talents with children whose lives are impacted by a sibling’s hospital admission,” shares Sibling Liaison Lisa Bendler. “Scott is wonderful as a buddy and role model to the kids and when things are slow, Scott always makes himself useful in the care and keeping of our special space.”

August Volunteer of the Month: Annette Mowrey

Annette Mowrey

More than 900 hours of service

Annette Mowrey began volunteering in 2013 and has given more than 900 hours of service. Annette currently volunteers her time in both the H7B NICU and the Sibling Clubhouse. “Annette is patient in her interactions with patients and families and unit staff have expressed appreciation for her helpful attitude,” shared Child Life Specialist Kate Kauffman. “Annette’s lighthearted spirit, enthusiasm and patience makes the Clubhouse a warm, welcoming, fun place for siblings to use their imagination and express their creativity,” shares Sibling Liaison Linda Treglia.

July Volunteer of the Month: Jack Tzagournis

Jack Tzagournis

More than 200 hours of service

Jack Tzagournis began volunteering on the H5 patient units in 2017 and has given more than 200 hours of service. “Jack is excellent at building rapport and creating relationships with our chronic patients," shares H5 Child Life Specialist Katrina Hall. "Jack takes time to speak to the H5 floor staff to ensure they know he is available to help with any of their patients who may benefit from volunteer support. He is eager to engage in activities and patients have expressed looking forward to when Jack visits."

June Volunteer of the Month: Tania Moon

Tania Moon

More than 270 hours of service

Tania Moon is one of the founding members of the Connecting Families program and has given more than 270 hours of service. Connecting Families is a group of more than 90 parents who mentor parents of children with similar diagnoses. In addition, Tania has offered her time to serve in the role of a parent perspective with the GI Quality Improvement team and has participated on the hospital Family Advisory Council. “Tania embodies the cornerstones of patient and family-centered care in her approach," shares Connecting Families Program Coordinator Amanda Kennedy.

May Volunteer of the Month: Stephanie Ogonuwe

Stephanie Ogonuwe

More than 190 hours of service

Stephanie Ogonuwe began volunteering in 2016 and has dedicated more than 190 hours of service to the Alliance Data Sibling Clubhouse. “Watching Stephanie interact with the children it’s clear that her heart is into what she is doing," shares Sibling Liaison Lisa Bendler. "Her joyful and kind nature makes kids feel comfortable instantly. Stephanie shows an uncommon sense of maturity, always remaining professional and conscientious. On multiple occasions, Stephanie has offered to extend her shift until the next volunteer arrives.”

April Volunteer of the Month: Kelly Dempsey

Kelly Dempsey

More than 80 hours of service

Kelly Dempsey joined the volunteer program in 2018 and has dedicated more than 80 hours of service. Kelly volunteers at the Clintonville Close To Home Center Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy outpatient clinic. “Kelly makes all visits enjoyable for patients and their families with her optimistic attitude and smile,” PT Clinical Lead Michelle Sveda shares. “She is able to identify the social-emotional status of others and will provide verbal encouragement for our clients which results in success for the therapist.”

March Volunteer of the Month: Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor

More than 760 hours of service

Carol Taylor began volunteering in 2014 and has dedicated more than 760 hours of service. She volunteers twice per week with the Alliance Data Sibling Clubhouse and the Reach Out and Read program. She is recognized for going “above and beyond to ensure patients are read to and go home with a good book in hand.” “We love her curiosity, her sense of wonder and her generous lack of inhibition with Clubhouse siblings,” shares Lead Sibling Clubhouse Staff Member Kyle Lemstrom.

February Volunteer of the Month: Kate Colombo

Kate Colombo

More than 180 hours of service

Kate Colombo began volunteering in 2017 and has dedicated more than 180 hours of service. Kate is a high school volunteer who volunteers with the Art Cart and on the H5 patient units as a playroom assistant. “Kate is eager to engage in her volunteer duties each shift and seeks out projects and needs of the unit from the child life specialist,” shares H5 Child Life Specialist Katrina Hall. “She greets everyone she meets with a smile and expresses her excitement for her volunteer role.”

January Volunteer of the Month: Megan Ryan

Volunteer of the Month

More Than 650 Hours of Service

Megan Ryan began volunteering in 2010 and has dedicated more than 650 hours of service. Meg volunteers in the Alliance Data Sibling Clubhouse and is described as being organized, task oriented and a hard worker with a love for interacting with young children. "It is clear that Meg brings an extra sparkle to the Sibling Clubhouse with her enthusiasm and contributions," shares Sibling Liaison Lisa Bendler.