Developmental Milestone Checklist

This checklist helps you understand your baby’s movement, environment, and most importantly, what activities you can enjoy with your baby. Only do the activities for your baby’s developmental age or younger. Learn more about your baby's developmental milestones

If your baby is at least 22-27 weeks

______ Positioning equipment and bedside developmental items

______ Baby’s signals—physiologic and behavioral

______ Hand containment

______ Helping to care for your baby

______ Kangaroo Care

If your baby is at least 28-30 weeks

______ Early Oral Stimulation

______ Providing a good scent

______ Kangaroo Care

If your baby is at least 31-33 weeks

______ Sounds of Love program

______ Stress and self-calming signs

______ Kangaroo Care

If your baby is at least 34-36 weeks

______ Cycled lighting

______ Feeding readiness

______ Developmental bathing

______ Kangaroo Care

If your baby is at least 37-40 weeks

______ Baby’s First Massage

______ Beginning play activities for your term baby

______ Early Intervention

______ Kangaroo Care

Please check off items as you learn about them or do them. This will help to keep track of your on-going developmental education.

Developmental Milestones Info and Videos

Learn more about how you can help your baby achieve the developmental milestones noted in this checklist by viewing detailed information about the following gestational ages:

  • 22-27 Weeks
  • 28-32 Weeks
  • 33-36 Weeks
  • 37-40 Weeks

View a detailed list of milestones and access video resources to help your baby achieve.