About IGM

Recognizing that the root cause of many childhood diseases can be traced directly to the genome, the vision for the Institute for Genomic Medicine is to integrate molecular genomics into the mainstream of pediatric patient diagnosis and treatment.

This vision reached a tipping point in 2016 with the recruitment of preeminent scientists Elaine Mardis, PhD, and Richard Wilson, PhD from Washington University-St. Louis and the expertise of Nationwide Children's faculty, including Julie Gastier-Foster, PhD , and Peter White, PhD .

 IGM Leadership

The Institute’s Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan envisions the integration of our capabilities throughout Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Expanding the availability of clinical genetic and genomic testing will enable providers to diagnose conditions earlier, better predict patient outcomes and personalize treatment to each individual patient.

 Institute for Genomic Medicine

The Institute at a Glance

 Institute for Genomic Medicine

“It is much easier to know your enemy. Genomics allows us to know our enemy better.”

- Tim Cripe, chief
Hematology, Oncology and Blood and Marrow Transplant

“We are not taking traditional approaches to medication choices. Instead of a shotgun or blind approach we are making targeted decisions based on genomic results.”

- Anup Patel, chief