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Many people find that being at home is sometimes the best medicine. And children are no exception. That’s why there’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital Homecare.

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital Homecare, our goal is to return each child to the most normal, pain-free life possible. To reach that goal, we provide a full range of homecare services to central Ohio children of all ages, from newborns through young adults. Our staff takes time to help parents and families understand their role in caring for their children at home.

In 2015, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Homecare celebrated 25 years of service for central Ohio children and their families. 

Our Services

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Homecare offers the community a variety of services to help provide families with the convenience of working with one health care provider.

Homecare offers the following areas of service:

Special Programs

Special programs and services we offer include: 

What Makes Our Team Different?

Homecare at Nationwide Children’s is the only hospital-based pediatric home health agency in the central Ohio area. That means we are backed by the child care specialists and full range of services at Nationwide Children’s. Unlike other home care service providers that also treat adults, our staff is specially trained and solely dedicated to caring for children.

Children have special needs when it comes to medical care because their bodies are still growing and developing. Our staff is trained to deal with all of those needs – physical, emotional and psychological. We see more children and more children’s ailments every day than any other homecare provider in the area. This vast experience helps us recognize signs and symptoms others might miss.

Meet Our Leadership

current resident fellow
Wanda Stackpole, MHA, RN, CEHCH
Vice President, Homecare
current resident fellow
Christopher Timan, MD
Medical Director, Homecare
current resident fellow
Steven Smith, MD
Medical Director, Hospice & Palliative Care
HomeCare Team
Carolyn Figi 
Homecare Customer Liaison
current resident fellow
Gary Hosfelt
Manager, Home Medical Equipment
current resident fellow
Terry Laurila, MS, RPh
Manager, Pharmacy
Provider Photo Not Available
Nicholas Rhodes
Manager, Finance
HomeCare Team
Laura Rozcicha, MSW, LISW-S
Manager, Hospice and Palliative Care
current resident fellow
Paul Seese, RN, MSN
Manager, Home Health Nursing
Jill Smrdel
Business Manager
Rekha Voruganti
Rekha Voruganti, MBOE, LSSBB
Quality Improvement Senior Line Service Coordinator

How to Reach Us

Services are available with a referral from the patient’s physician. Regular hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Staff are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to schedule emergency care needs and answer patient/referral questions.

Referral Process

Please have the following available so we may respond quickly to your referral:

  • Type of insurance/payer

  • Patient name, address, date of birth, diagnosis

  • Physician ordering care

  • Patient care/equipment/infusion need

If you want to arrange services or have questions, call (614) 355-1100 or 800-466-2727.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Homecare is accredited by the Joint Commission, and is a certified Medicare/Medicaid agency. Our Homecare Pharmacy and Hospice are licensed by the state of Ohio. Homecare is covered by most major health plans. Call your health care plan to see if your coverage includes all of our services.

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