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FIND (Flow Investigation using N-Dimensions) is a software package designed to facilitate the visualization and analysis of Flow Cytometry data for the scientific target audience, as well as providing a target platform for developers to implement their FC-specific algorithms.

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GENETIX is a collection of sophisticated software for identifying genes that influence inherited human diseases


KELVIN is a statistical genetics software package in support of the PPL statistical framework. Click here for the KELVIN manuscript "KELVIN: a Software Package for Rigorous Measurement of Statistical Evidence in Human Genetics."


KELVIZ is a custom built graphing application designed to plot output from KELVIN.


MoFlow is a means for visualizing molecular conformation changes in a static, 2D image. MoFlow takes multiple "poses" of the molecule during the conformation change as input and generates a POVray output file. MoFlow provides intuitive clues to motion using Pathlines and translucent ribbons that naturally guide the eye. A manuscript more fully describing the process has been submitted.


MAVL/StickWRLD are tools for detecting, visualizing and exploring interdependencies between residues or sets of residues in Protein and Nucleic Acid sequence families.