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Continuing Medical Education, MOC and Professional Conferences

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. Nationwide Children's offers over 1000 Category 1 CME sessions annually, ranging from weekly activities to research and clinical symposia. Internet-based videos and other electronic educational materials are available as well. Annually, 15 to 25 visiting professors supplement the high quality education provided by faculty from The Ohio State University pediatrics and surgical departments.

Some particularly noteworthy CME efforts include the Medical Leadership Program, a monthly leadership seminar for physicians; Pediatric Pearls, an annual update of primary care topics; and the Faculty Development Series, a multi-faceted curriculum for office and hospital-based physician educators.

All members of the medical staff who participate in CME activities can review their Category 1 credits online through the CME Transcript Center. Other physician participants receive certificates for each activity.

Professional Outreach Education

The Outreach Education Department facilitates the delivery of both required and customized educational offerings between Nationwide Children's Hospital and outside organizations. The heart of each learning experience focuses on enhancing the safe and effective delivery of pediatric care.

Customized Educational Offerings

With a strong mission of promoting quality and safety of pediatric patients, the faculty members at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are extremely committed to the pediatric education of medical professionals. Many educational offerings can be tailored to meet specific learning objectives, including:

  • Preceptorship/Observation Experiences: A highly skilled professional at Nationwide Children’s Hospital provides one-on-one training with an opportunity to observe medical procedures and ask questions.

  • Conferences/Speaking Engagements

  • Consultations

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