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Join us in helping girls everywhere take flight by leading healthy, happy lives and reaching their full potential.


We are proud to partner with Thirty-One Gifts for their Girls Take Flight campaign to build strong, confident girls and women. Through this partnership we are dedicated to helping girls reach their full potential by funding life-saving behavioral health research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 

Why is this research important? Because the numbers are staggering:

  • 40-60% of girls in elementary school are concerned about their weight
  • Girls and women are three-times for likely than men to attempt suicide
  • 50% of all mental illnesses start by age 14

With the reach of Thirty-One Gifts and their consultants, we’re bringing behavioral health to the forefront and giving girls, teens and women affected by behavioral health conditions the hope and attention they deserve.

Pediacast: 356 Girls Take Flight

Dr. Mike welcomed Cindy Monroe, Founder and President of Thirty-One Gifts into the pediacast podcast studio to discuss the awareness and funding that the #GirlsTakeFlight campaign supports. Dr. Nancy Cunningham also stopped by to shed light on the problems girls face and what's being done to help girls reach their full potential.

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