Professional Outreach Education

The Outreach Education Department facilitates lifelong learning and professional development for physicians, nurses, childcare providers and other practitioners caring for children in the region. The focus is on enhancing safe and effective care to the children and families.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital serves a 42 county service region with up to date pediatric education including PALS, conferences and preceptorships.

Programs & Offerings

Pediatric Quarterly Regional Outreach Meetings

This meeting is an opportunity for nursing administrators, nurse managers and floor RNs to network, share resources and receive valuable information.

Meetings are quarterly, offering presentations and tours by Nationwide Children's Hospital specialists with a mission to enhance the safe and effective delivery of pediatric care.

Register for a Pediatric Quarterly Regional Outreach Meeting.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Learn more about PALS here.

Preceptorship/Observation Experiences

A highly skilled professional at Nationwide Children’s Hospital provides one-on-one training with an opportunity to observe and ask questions.

For these experiences, please contact Terri Long at

Conferences/Educational Presentations

With a strong mission of promoting quality and safety in pediatric patients, the faculty members at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are extremely committed to the pediatric education of medical professionals in the region. Many educational offerings can be tailored to meet specific learning objectives.

Please contact Terri Long at

Child Care Licensing Workshops

Child Care Licensing Workshops can be registered for at the following site:

Register for Child Care Licensing Workshops*

Clicking the link above will take you to the Education Courses Portal. Available Child Care Licensing Workshops that are currently available for registration will be listed in the portal.

Please contact Debra Alessi at for more information about Child Care Licensing Workshops.

*It is our intent in 2017 to no longer offer the Childcare Licensing Workshops. Please contact Deb Alessi at (614) 355-0669 if you have questions.

Customized Educational Offerings

Current offerings by Outreach Education include but not limited to:

  • Getting to Know Kids
  • Pediatric IV Workshop

Please contact Terri Long at (614) 355-0659 for more information about Customized Educational Offerings.