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Patient and Family Centered Care

When we care for a child at Nationwide Children’s, we also care for his or her family.  During your time spent with our hospital, we will pay close attention to your family’s needs as well of the needs of your child.

Our approach to family-centered care also ensures that family members are considered part of the healthcare team.  Your input is valued, as we recognize that your child is a member of a unique family with varied values, needs, environments, culture, resources and strength.

The physical design of our facilities enables families to be with their children. Our policies promote efficient and flexible health care while honoring the family’s need for confidentiality and privacy.

Family-centered care concepts guide all aspects of our organization, as we promise that everything will be taken into consideration to make your child well.  

Cuida Centrada en la Familia

En el Hospital Nationwide Children's nos enfocamos en el núcleo familiar o “Family Centered Care”.  Esto significa que atendemos tanto a las necesidades del niño comos las de su familia.  Esto también significa que usted juega un valioso papel en la atención del niño- su apoyo y atención son esenciales, es por eso que deseamos asociarnos con usted en el cuidado de su niño.

El Hospital Nationwide Children's reconoce que cada niño que atendemos es miembro de una familia única; con valores, necesidades, entorno, cultura, recursos y fortaleza únicos.  Nos comprometemos a lograr que nuestras instalaciones, el personal y los servicios apoyen el concepto de enfoque familiar con eficiencia, flexibilidad y calidad de atención, al mismo tiempo que honramos las necesidades familiares de confidencialidad y privacidad.   En el Hospital Nationwide Children’s, usted conocerá a personas totalmente comprometidas a mejorar las vidas de los niños.

Nationwide Children's Hospital believes:

  • A seamless experience that is based upon effective communication and coordination is crucial to family centered care. In order to maintain continuity, we recognize the need for linkages with the family, the community, schools, physicians, local services and agencies. Services are viewed as a means to promote and maintain health of the child in the context of the family and community with attention to physical, emotional, developmental and spiritual needs.

  • The family is an integral member of the health care team and we will partner with the family in caring for the child. To assure that the family is supported in this role as partner, Children’s promotes a physical design that focuses on a comforting, safe, practical environment for both child and family. The physical design enables families to be with their children. Policies are based upon family centered concepts that promote efficiency, flexibility and quality care while honoring the family’s need for confidentiality and privacy.

  • Everyone at Children’s Hospital is responsible for caring for children and families. Family centered care is everyone’s responsibility. All staff is empowered to promote family centered care and resources are allocated to ensure that family centered care is a reality. We understand the stresses that families face influence their coping. Resources are available to assist families with spiritual, psychosocial and recreational needs so they can continue their role of supporting the child. Families can expect to be treated with respect in all encounters at Children’s.

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) assists Nationwide Children's and our staff maintain these beliefs. Learn more about the Family Advisory Council.

Partners in Care, Partners in Hope
Family Advisory Council’s Award of Excellence in Family-Centered Care

The Family Advisory Council at Nationwide Children's Hospital is proud to award an annual recognition for excellence in family-centered care. Learn more about Partners in Care, Partners in Hope.

The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation Family Resource Center

Our new family resource center, was designed by families and professionals to support patients and families during their time at Children's Hospital (both inpatient and outpatient). 

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