Reporting Policies

Nationwide Children's Laboratory Services provides easy access to patient results.  Laboratory personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to questions regarding patient information and other laboratory services. Critical and alert values are called to the physician/ physician office or facility. ChildLinkTM is available for web based ordering and results. Faxed reports and hard copy reports are also available. STAT results are faxed to the physician upon completion of the test.  

Result reports are ordinarily made to the ordering physician.  It is assumed that the physician’s partners and office staff are authorized to receive reports.  Results can be reported to parent/guardian/patient only with the approval of the ordering physician.  This must be indicated on the prescription, or test order requisition.  When results have been given in advance to the patient/family designee, the ordering physician will still receive a printed report.

With the exception of Microbiology/Virology, Anatomic Pathology, and Cytogenetics reports, there are standard format features that are used on all printed or faxed reports.   The date and time that displays with each test sample is the date and time the sample was collected.  The sample receipt date /time are displayed, as well as the result date/ time.  Results that are not yet complete will have the word PEND or PENDING displayed in the result field. 

Results that are outside a defined “normal” range will display with BOLD font.  Numerical results that are abnormal will also have a flag (H or L) which indicates that the result is either higher or lower than the normal range.  This flag displays to the left of the numeric result.  Extremely abnormal numeric results that are deemed to be critical or alert results are flagged with an *H or *L symbol The Critical/ Alert Results Reporting and Stats Policy can explain the process of how these results are called.

When available, the normal range (age/sex specific) and result units will print next to each result.  

Billing & Consultation:  

Inquiries pertaining to patient data or result interpretation should be directed to the Laboratory Medical Director.  Questions or concerns regarding laboratory services or operations should be directed to the Laboratory Services Business Development & Client Services Manager at (800) 934-6575. 

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