Patient Test Result Reporting

Nationwide Children's Laboratory Services provides easy access to patient results. Laboratory personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to questions regarding patient information and other laboratory services. Critical and alert values are called to the provider or provider office. ChildLinkTM is available for web-based ordering and results. Faxed reports and hard copy reports are also available.

Result reports are ordinarily made to the ordering provider. It is assumed that the provider’s partners and office staff are authorized to receive reports. Results can be reported to parent/guardian/patient with written approval from an ordering provider. Patients can request a MyChart account or submit a Medical Records request here.

Result Read-back Policy

Laboratory staff will communicate the information below to the appropriate caregiver/staff and will ask for a read back of the verbal communication.

  • Patient first and last name
  • Patient Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) Medical Record number (MRN) (Exception: Outside Laboratory clients Date of Birth can be used)
  • Test name and result type (alert, critical, courtesy)
  • Collection date and time
  • Result of the test with the units of measure, as applicable

Receiving staff member will read back the verbal communication to include the information below.

  • Read back the patient first and last name along with the medical record number or Date of Birth
  • Read back the test result and any other information provided.
  • Provide their full name, title and department/office