Collection Procedures

The following information shall serve as a guide for collection and referral of patient specimens to our lab.  We ask our clients to adhere to these policies to ensure specimen integrity.

Standard Labeling Procedure

Positive patient identification and accurate specimen labeling is essential for reliable specimen analysis and reporting. The label must contain 2 identifiers.

For specimens collected in physician offices and other referring facilities. At the request of the client, the labels will be supplied for specimen labeling.

Standard label requirements include the following information on the specimen label:

  1. Primary Identifier and Patient Name - First and last (no nicknames or abbreviations)
  2. Secondary Identifier – Requisition or ChildLink™ barcode number, medical record number, Date of Birth or other unique identifier.
  3. Date and Time of Collection
  4. Name of Collector 

Improperly Labeled Specimens

Specimens may be considered unacceptable for analysis if:

  • The specimen label contains incomplete/incorrect patient name or medical record number/date of birth.  A specimen label must contain 2 identifiers.

  • A label is not affixed to the specimen.

Notification of unacceptable specimens will be made by Laboratory Services to the client. Written documentation of the event will be included on the patient report.

A requisition must accompany the specimen and must have the same primary and secondary identifier and include the date and time of collection. 

Specimen Collection Procedures

Blood and Urine Collections:

Culture Collections:

Stool Collections:

Other Collections: