Courier Services and Specimen Transport

Courier Services

Daily Courier Service for routine and STAT pick-up of specimens is available to clients in our service area for collection of specimens sent to Nationwide Children's Laboratory Services for testing. For clients located outside of our service area, courier arrangements will be made with the most efficient courier such as Federal Express, U.S. Mail or ground courier. Contact Laboratory Services at (614) 722-5477 or (800) 934-6575.

Specimen Processing, Storage Packaging

The following information serves as a guide for specimen transport. Please adhere to these policies to ensure specimen integrity. Process the specimen according to the Test Directory requirements. Store the specimen at the appropriate temperature until transported to the lab. 

General Shipping Instructions

All blood, body fluid, and tissue specimens are potentially infectious and must be handled accordingly. All referral testing sent via air carriers must comply with the guidelines of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Any potentially infectious agents that are sent via air carriers must be shipped in a DOT approved container. Shipments must be packaged and shipped according to these guidelines. Some of the general guidelines are listed below. Some tests may require temperature control during transport to ensure specimen integrity. Please contact Laboratory Services for additional packing and shipping information.

  • Primary container must be leak proof, and should be packed into the secondary container so that is cannot be broken or punctured and leak into the secondary container.
  • Absorbent material sufficient to absorb the entire contents of the primary container must be placed between the primary and secondary container. 

Specific Instructions for Ground Carriers

  • Each different sample type (blood, urine, stool, etc.) should be packaged in its own secondary container, to prevent contamination. Like sample types could be packaged together.
  • Samples should be packaged in the secondary leak proof biohazard bag.

Specific Instructions for Air Carriers

  • Either the primary or secondary container must be capable of withstanding an internal pressure of 95 kPa without leaking.
  • The outside packaging must be constructed of corrugated fiberboard, wood, metal or plastic. The outside packaging must be able to pass a drop test of 1.2 meters.
  • Packages must be marked: “Diagnostic Specimen” & UN3373 label.