Your Care Team

If your child has a heart condition, you want the very best care. Your multidisciplinary team at The Heart Center gives you just that. It includes experts in many fields who come together to focus on your child.

Your care team include pediatric cardiologists, surgeons, nurse practitioners and others. Each one has advanced training and experience. They have the vision and commitment to give you the highest level of care. And they keep you informed at every step. You are always part of the team.

Our cardiology fellows manage your care with the attending physicians.

Meet Your Floor Team

Your floor team includes:

  • Registered nurses (RNs). Our nurses care for adults and children with heart conditions. They wear royal blue pants.
  • Charge nurses. These RNs oversee the staff assignments and the flow of tasks on the unit.
  • Patient care associates (PCAs). These are nurse assistants who help feed patients, take vital signs and weigh patients. They wear jade green pants.
  • Unit coordinators (UCs). The unit coordinator sits at the A1 Nurse Station where he or she answers questions and responds to call lights. They can help connect your family with resources in the unit. They wear purple pants.
  • Respiratory therapists (RTs). Respiratory therapists help patients who have breathing problems. They wear gray pants.
  • Social workers. Your social worker can assess your family’s needs and help connect you with helpful resources.
  • Care coordinators. These workers assess patient's needs while they are in the hospital. They also coordinate outpatient services.

Join us for Rounds

We want you to have the latest information about the patient's condition and care plan. You can depend on your team to keep you up to date. And we also invite you to join in our daily Family Centered Rounds.

During Family Centered Rounds, your care team gathers in the patient's room. This meeting helps us coordinate the patient's care. The patient's attending physician leads the team, and together they can give you answers and make sure you understand everything involved.

Family Centered Rounds happen every day between 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. It's a good idea to write down your questions and concerns beforehand. Then speak up – we welcome your questions!