About Your Room

Your room in The Heart Center is designed for you. For your comfort. For you convenience. For your safety. Whether you or your child is our patient, we make sure you have what you need while you’re here with us.

Use the Welcome Packet in your room for an overview. If you have questions, you can always ask your nurse or other staff member.

The Basics

Your room number and phone number are listed on the white board in your room. The names of your care team, a place for daily goals, a notes section, a place to write the last time medicine was given, a pain scale, and other information may also be listed there.

Please remember to wash your hands when your arrive and when you leave the room. It’s also important to keep the area around the sink uncluttered.

Calling for a Nurse

  • If you need something, use your call light to call for help.
  • If you have an emergency, pull on the red emergency tabs in the bathroom, or pull your call light out of the wall.

Lighting, Temperature, TV

  • The light switch is located above the bed.
  • You can adjust the room temperature with the thermostat on the wall.
  • Controls for the TV are located on your call light.

Feeding Your Baby

We make feeding your young child as easy as possible.

For breastfeeding moms, we provide breast pumps, pump supplies and extra storage containers for breast milk. Breast milk is labeled and stored in the unit fridge or freezer.

If you use formula, we’re happy to supply it here. Or you can bring your own formula and bottles from home.

Meals For Older Patients and Parents

Patients who are adults or older children can order food from our main cafeteria. Order by phone, or use the Get Well Network on your TV. You can see an electronic menu on your TV — use the control on your call light.

Parents can order guest trays for a fee. You can pay with cash or a meal card. Meal cards are available to buy in the gift shop or cafeteria.

Enjoy free drinks any time from the cafeteria with your parent badge!