Caring for Children Through All Stages of Life

Because of the complexity of many conditions related to the colon and rectum, some children require care throughout many lifetime milestones. The Nationwide Children's Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction team is committed to providing optimal outcomes and quality of life throughout the child’s life.

For babies with anorectal malformations, the surgical and medical teams evaluate what treatment is necessary to restore bowel function. infant

When a child reaches the potty-training stage, new treatments may be explored to help them achieve continence.toddler

Preschool/School Age

When children enter school adjustments may be needed to fit their new schedules.child


As children become adolescents new questions can arise. We start working with our teen patients early to prepare them for the changes they can expect as their body develops and their care needs evolve.teen

Early Adulthood

Adults born with anorectal malformations often have questions regarding reproduction and sexual health. They also may benefit from a guided transition to an adult healthcare provider who is familiar with congenital conditions.early adult

  • Preparation for sexual intercourse
  • Obstetrics
  • Male sexual problems
  • Care transition