Distal Colostogram

The repair of an anorectal malformation often requires more than one procedure. Once your child has recovered well from their ostomy procedure, as a next step, surgeons will perform an imaging study called a high-pressure distal colostogram.

 The distal colostogram is a special type of X-ray that creates a detailed image of your child’s organs and defect. From this image, the surgical team will be able to precisely diagnose the specific type of malformation your child has. It will show exactly where the end of the rectum is so the surgeon can go in and find it and latch to the correct position. The diagnosis will help the team plan the surgery as well as help determine the prognosis for your child’s future bowel control and other treatments.  

Distal Colostogram: What to Expect 

For the imaging study, your child will not be sedated and the procedure will last approximately 15 minutes. The team will inject a special dye into the distal stoma, and use other tools to help push the dye into the final segment of the colon and rectum. This procedure gives the surgeon a very clear image of the defect and surrounding anatomy.

This procedure is done in an outpatient setting. The surgical team will be able to proceed with your child’s final repair surgery after the distal colostogram.