Transitional Care Clinic

The Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction (CCPR) team is committed to providing optimal outcomes and quality of life throughout a patient’s life. As a children’s hospital, we are the ideal location for children – as well as adults of any age – with colorectal malformations and other congenital conditions to receive care. These unique conditions can continue to impact life into adulthood, but adult-focused physicians are often unfamiliar with the types of surgical and medical care they require. It is crucial for children to learn how to become active participants in their care, as well as to find adult providers who can offer appropriate care. For adult patients, we provide consultation and guidance through our program, and transfer care to an adult-focused provider experienced with colorectal and pelvic reconstruction transition at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

That’s why the Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction created the Transitional Care Clinic. Led by Director Alessandra Gasior, DO, a CCPR colorectal surgeon trained in both pediatric and adult colorectal care, the Transitional Care Clinic offers CCPR patients the opportunity to gradually prepare for the world of adult healthcare. When the time is right to move to adult providers for general health issues, Dr. Gasior will continue to provide your child with expert surgical and medical colorectal care for their congenital or pediatric condition. In addition, the Transitional Care Clinic works to develop a care network for your growing child, so that they can become familiar with their new team of providers while still having comprehensive, expert colorectal care available to them.

What to Expect as a Teen or Young Adult CCPR Patient

As children age, they need to learn a number of skills to become adults who are informed and engaged in their own healthcare. When the teenage years arrive, the CCPR Transitional Care Clinic starts to assess parents’ and children’s readiness to begin transferring self-care responsibilities to the child.  Over time, our caring staff will help your family work on strategies to help your child become more independent.

By the time your child is a young adult, he or she should know:

  • How to make doctor’s appointments
  • When to contact a doctor about their symptoms or health concerns
  • How to fill and properly take prescriptions
  • Daily management and routines for self-care
  • Who and where their new doctors are
  • Tips for long-term health management, such as insurance basics and appointing a power of attorney

When your child is ready, our team will connect your family with adult care providers who can effectively manage gynecological and fertility, urinary, gastroenterological and other adult-oriented care issues. In addition, Dr. Gasior will be available for your child’s ongoing surgical and medical care needs related to congenital or pediatric-specific conditions such as:

Comprehensive Transition Assistance

The Transitional Care Clinic offers a wide range of services to assist your child in the transition to effective adult healthcare, including:

  • Worksheets and transition goal planning to help customize the process to your child’s needs
  • Regular assessments to identify ongoing healthcare needs in many areas, including psychology, nutrition, fertility, urology, gastroenterology and more
  • Creation of a complete medical and surgical summary with specifics about your child’s condition
  • A nurse practitioner and registered nurse to assist with medical records, referrals, questions and health needs throughout the transition process
  • Opportunities to begin care at an adult facility, meeting a network of adult providers while under the continued care of Dr. Gasior

Meet the Director

Alessandra Gasior, DO, is the director of colorectal transitional care for the Transitional Care Clinic in the Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction at Nationwide Children’s. She completed a pediatric colorectal fellowship at Nationwide Children’s followed by an adult colorectal fellowship at The Ohio State University Medical Center.

This unique combination of formal training prepared her for specialized surgical and medical management of patients with congenital and pediatric conditions at all stages of life, including adulthood. By leading the first Transitional Care Clinic for children with these unique conditions, Dr. Gasior is working hard to ensure patients are connected with competent, caring adult providers for their care needs. Her research interests include improving quality of life, documenting adult experiences and enhancing the transition to adult care among adolescents and young adults with colorectal conditions.