Care After Discharge

Incision Care

If you have stitches or staples, keep the incision dry and do not get it wet until instructed by your surgeon. The stitches or staple may be removed and Steri-strips applied during your post-operative clinic visit. Steri-strips should be left in place until they start to peel off. You may shower and pat the incisions dry with a towel.


Most likely, you will go home on a full liquid diet. Continue in this phase until instructed by the dietitian to move to the next phase. Read about the five nutrition phases after bariatric surgery.


You will need to walk short distances every few hours when you get home. We will talk to you before you leave about how much activity you should do. You should be walking two miles per day within two months of being discharged. Swimming or water aerobics is another great form of exercise when your incisions are healed and the staples are removed. Becoming physically fit is an important step after surgery. We also ask you not to lift anything more than 5 lbs. until you are cleared by the team.

You should not drive or do any heavy lifting until your doctor says it’s okay.

You may return to school or work about two weeks after surgery. We are happy to provide school or work excuses for you. We also can complete any family leave paperwork you or your parents may have.