Spiritual Care

The Support and Services We Provide to Patients and Families

Spiritual care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our chaplains are trained to support people from all faith and spiritual traditions, as well as those who have no specific religious or spiritual belief. 

Specific services that chaplains provide include the following:

  • Religious resources, including sacred texts
  • Prayer
  • Religious rituals, including baptism
  • Emotional support during a difficult day
  • Listening and non-judgmental presence when you need to process information or an experience, before or during surgery, or any time you need to talk
  • Help with observing your own faith practices
  • Assist with contacting clergy or faith leader, if desired
  • Support during care conference
  • Emotional support during traumas and code events
  • Bereavement Support

If you would like to speak with a chaplain at any time during your stay, you can let anyone on your unit know and they can contact us at any time.

Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., you can call our office at (614) 722-5250.

Where Chaplains Can Be Found

The 10 full time staff chaplains can be found Monday through Friday providing spiritual, religious and emotional support in the following areas:

  • Hematology/Oncology
  • Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
  • Ohio Fetal Medicine Collaborative
  • Advanced Illness Management Team (AIM Team)
  • Hospice
  • Educating Chaplain Interns and Residents

Nationwide Children's Hospital Chapel

The Chapel, located in the main lobby, is a place where persons of all faiths, cultures and ages are welcome to come for spiritual renewal. This sanctuary offers hospitality for quiet and personal reflection and is designed to offer comfort and peace.

Worship Services

We have weekly Catholic Mass on Tuesdays at noon and weekly Muslim prayer on Fridays at 1:15 p.m. in the Children’s Chapel in the C Lobby. Patients, families and staff are invited to attend. We also offer special services throughout the year for various holy days and events, which are posted on digital signage throughout the hospital. For more information, please contact us here.

Seasons for Healing Bereavement Program

Seasons for Healing is a Bereavement Support Program available to families after the loss of a child. This program is designed to provide support and resources to all who have experienced the loss of a child or grandchild.

To schedule bereavement support with one of our chaplains, please reach out to GriefSupport@NationwideChildrens.org, or call (614) 722-5250.

Clinical Pastoral Education

The Department of Spiritual Care is accredited by The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) to offer pastoral education. This is an action/reflection process that is grounded in a person-centered approach to ministry. Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers all levels of CPE education – from the initial unit to residency to Certified Educator training. An initial unit from an ACPE accredited center is required for admittance to the residency program. Full and part-time units are available. No person will be denied acceptance based on race, gender, age, faith group, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

Learn more about Clinical Pastoral Care at Nationwide Children's Hospital › 

Faith Communities Near Nationwide Children's

See all worship options near Nationwide Children's ›
Catholic Places of Worship

St. Mary Catholic Church
684 S 3rd St., Columbus, OH
(614) 445-9668

St. Patrick Catholic Church
280 N Grant Ave, Columbus, OH
(614) 240-5910

The Community of Holy Rosary and St. John
648 S Ohio Ave, Columbus, OH
(614) 252-5926

Catholic Dioceses of Columbus
197 E Gay Street, Columbus, OH
(614) 221-1809

Orthodox Christian Places of Worship

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral
555 N High Street, Columbus, OH
(614) 224-9020

St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Christian Church
2219 Summit Street, Columbus, OH
(614) 261-6006 

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Orthodox Church
203 King Ave., Columbus, OH
(614) 297-6900

St. Stevan-Dechani Serbian Church
1840 Cassady Ave., Columbus, OH
(614) 475-0922

Protestant Places of Worship


Mount Olivet Baptist Church
428 E Main Street, Columbus, OH

Fellowship Baptist Church
4701 Winchester Pike, Columbus, OH

University Baptist Church
50 W Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH

Amazing Grace Baptist Church
1288 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH

Church of God

Unity Temple Church of God
52 Reeb Ave, Columbus, OH
(614) 444-7808

Disciples of Christ

Bethany Christian Church
1130 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH
(614) 252-2846

Woodland Christian Church
143 Woodland Ave, Columbus, OH
(614) 258-0058


Trinity Episcopal Church
125 E Broad Street, Columbus, OH
(614) 221-5351


Rock City
38 W Greenwood Ave, Columbus, OH
(855) 318-5685

Stone Village Church
139 E 2nd Ave, Columbus, OH
(614) 579-5493

Vineyard Columbus
6000 Cooper Rd, Columbus, OH
(614) 890-0000


Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
766 S High Street, Columbus, OH
(614) 444-4356


Columbus Mennonite Church
35 Oakland Park Ave, Columbus, OH
(614) 784-9002


Broad Street Presbyterian Church
760 E Broad St, Columbus, OH
(614) 221-6552

Old First Presbyterian Church
1101 Bryden Rd, Columbus, OH
(614) 252-2237


Shepherd Church of the Nazarene
425 S Hamilton Ave, Gahanna, OH
(614) 471-3368

Seventh-Day Adventists

Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church
80 S 18th St, Columbus, OH
(614) 258-0340

United Church of Christ 

First Congregational
444 E Broad Street, Columbus, OH
(614) 228-1741

United Methodist

Broad Street UMC
501 E Broad Street, Columbus, OH
(614) 224-2006

Church for All People
946 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH
(614) 445-7342

Livingston UMC
200 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH
(614) 224-2006

Humanist Places of Worship

First Unitarian Universalist Church
93 W Weisheimer Road, Columbus, OH
(614) 267-4946

Humanist Community Center
4510 Kenny Road, Columbus, OH
(614) 675-5577

Jewish Places of Worship

Conservative Jewish Synagogue

Congregation Tifereth Israel
1354 E Broad Street, Columbus, OH
(614) 253-8523

Orthodox Jewish Synagogue

Beth Jacob Synagogue
1223 College Ave., Columbus, OH
(614) 237-8641

Congregation Torat Emet
2375 E Main St., Columbus, OH
(614) 238-6778

Reformed Jewish Synagogue

Temple Israel
431 E Broad Street, Columbus, OH
(614) 866-0010

Buddhist Meeting Places

Columbus KTC Buddhist Center
1354 E Broad St., Columbus, OH
(614) 228-6546

Watlao Buddhamamakaram
3624 Bexvie Ave., Columbus, OH
(614) 231-9555

Islamic Meeting Places

Abubakar Asiddiq Islamic Center
591 Industrial Mile Rd., Columbus, OH
(614) 272-9994

Ahlul Bayt Society
2580 W Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus, OH

Al-Huda Islamic Center
2100 Courtright Rd., Columbus, OH
(614) 549-7654

Columbus Muslim American Society
4615 Northtowne Blvd., Columbus, OH
(614) 476-1299

Ibnu Taymiyah Masjid and Islamic Center
2334 Mock Rd., Columbus, OH
(614) 418-9137

Islamic Center of Greater Columbus Masjid
1428 E Broad St., Columbus, OH
(614) 253-3251

Masjid As-Salaamah
5259 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, OH
(614) 259-3277

Muslim Community Center
1677 Oak St., Columbus, OH
(614) 252-0338

Nigerian Muslim Community Center
3635 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, OH
(614) 323-4188

Noor Islamic Cultural Center
5001 Wilcox Rd., Dublin, OH
(614) 527-7777

Omar Ibn El-Khattab Masjid
580 Riverview Dr., Columbus, OH
(614) 262-1310

Resources for Clergy and Faith Groups

The Spiritual Care Department is grateful for our clergy and faith group partners who provide care and support to the members of their community when they are hospitalized at Nationwide Children’s. In return, we are available as a resource to you and your community of faith.

Clergy and Faith Group Resources
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