Safety and Security

When you bring your child to Nationwide Children's Hospital, you expect to receive quality health care. Part of our commitment to fulfilling that expectation is providing excellent treatment and services in a safe environment.

When your child is admitted, you will receive a Patient Safety in the Health Care Setting brochure.  The pamphlet describes the vital role that you play in keeping your child safe while in the hospital.

Your child's safety is a partnership between Nationwide Children's staff and your family.

If you have ideas for how we can improve the safety of your child’s care , please let us know:

  • Complete the tear-out section of the safety brochure
  • Drop your suggestions in the patient safety box near the Hospital Welcome Desk or the Outpatient Care Welcome Desk
  • You may also get a brochure in the lobby and mail it to the hospital

Patient/Parent Identification

Every patient at Nationwide Children's Hospital receives a patient identification (ID) wristband. The wristband:

  • Provides positive identification of your child
  • Ensures safe, quality care
  • Should be worn at all times

Your child cannot receive treatment without the band in place. Our staff will check the band and replace it as needed.

Parents receive an ID band and badge. The parent ID band:

  • Verifies you are a parent or legal guardian of the child
  • Confirms your right to give consent for your child’s care

The parent ID badge:

  • Should be worn above your waist for easy viewing
  • Is needed so Security staff knows who is authorized to be on each floor

Please wear the parent ID wristband and badge at all times when you are at the hospital.

Tobacco Policy

Smoking and tobacco products are not permitted on any Nationwide Children’s Hospital property, inside or outside. This includes garages and parking lots.

We are committed to creating the healthiest of environments for patients, families, visitors and employees.

Weapons Policy

All weapons, including firearms and concealed firearms, are prohibited on all Nationwide Children’s Hospital property, including the main campus and satellite locations.

If you arrive at Nationwide Children’s main campus in possession of a firearm, you can:

  • Lock the weapon in the manner required by law in your motor vehicle.

If you do not have a motor vehicle available, or if you cannot properly secure your firearm in a motor vehicle:

  • Call Security at extension 2-2128 from inside the hospital
  • Call Security at (614) 722-2128 from outside the hospital

Security will make arrangements to properly store your firearm. Your weapon will be returned to you when you leave the hospital’s property. Weapons storage is not available at any of our off-site locations.

Securing Your Belongings

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please label anything you bring for your child.

Do not bring:

  • Large amounts of cash
  • Valuable items

Lockers for family use are available:

If you need help with lost or found items, please call Security from within the hospital at extension 2-2128.