Gift Cards

Nationwide Children's Hospital provides a variety of gift card options for patients, families and visitors to the hospital. Below are the three different types of gift cards and their uses.

Family Gift Cards

The Perfect Gift for Families of Hospitalized Children

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is pleased to offer family gift cards for families of hospitalized children. Friends, family and community supporters can contribute any amount of money to be loaded onto a family’s card. Gift cards can be used for:

  • Cafeteria, food court and coffee shop: meals, snacks, drinks and Kaleidoscope Cuisine Cards.

  • Gift shop: balloons, snacks, drinks, toiletries, magazines, books, toys, and much more!

Purchasing Gift Cards

To contribute for a family, call the Gift Shop at (614) 722-9265 and any sales associate will gladly help. Gift shop is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Simply provide the patient’s name and your credit card number along with the amount you wish to contribute. All credit card information will be kept secure and a receipt is available upon request.

Using the Gift Card

Cards may be reloaded at any time during the family’s stay and used during any future visits to Nationwide Children’s. Families with remaining balances may apply funds to the patient’s hospital bill or donate the money to the hospital by contacting Patient Accounts at (614) 722-2055. Cards cannot be surrendered for cash.

NOTE: Because Nationwide Children’s is unable to confirm charitable gifts earmarked for specific families, your financial contribution is not tax deductible.

Kaleidoscope Cuisine Card

The Kaleidoscope Cuisine Card retails for $5.00 plus tax and can be purchased at all food venues including coffee shops and both Gift Shops.

This card can be used for room service Guest Trays. Each tray will include no more than:

  • Soup, salad or vegetable
  • Entrée
  • Starch
  • 1 beverage
  • 1 dessert

Room service menus are available:

  • In patient rooms
  • At the Cafeteria
  • Through the Get Well Network
  • In the Gift Shop at the Atrium

Please Note: Family Gift Card can be used to purchase Kaleidoscope Cuisine cards

$5.00 Gift Card

The $5.00 gift card retails for $5.00 and can only be purchased at hospital Gift Shops.

The gift card can be redeemed for product or service at these locations:

  • Gift Shop at Atrium
  • Gift Shop at Pond (currently called Cubby)
  • All food venues including coffee shops throughout the hospital
    • This does not include room service