Clinical Services and Care Coordination

In the Department of Clinical Services and Care Coordination at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, several professional disciplines and programs work together to provide clinical and support services for patients and families. The department includes nurses, social workers and interpreters.

Clinical Nursing Services

Manager: Deb Pratt (614) 722-6336

Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) and Nurse Clinicians care for children with complex medical needs in inpatient and outpatient settings. Nurse Practitioners are APNs who provide direct clinical care to select patients in collaboration with physician providers. In addition APNs and Nurse Clinicians provide care, treatment and education requiring special expertise to various patient populations. The nurses also coordinate care for patients with complex needs during an episode of care or, in some instances, throughout the course of their treatment.

Care Coordination Services

Manager: Brenda Lutsch (614) 722-1566

Nurses who have special training in Utilization Management and Discharge-Planning communicate with insurance companies about the child’s hospital care and discharge plans. They collaborate with the health care team to arrange for skilled discharge planning needs of patients including equipment and home nursing care. The department also coordinates the appeal process when insurance claims for hospital stays are denied by the health plans for reasons related to medical necessity.

Clinical Social Work Services

Manager: Jeanette Foster (614) 722-1567

Clinical Social Workers provide care for children with complex psychosocial needs in our inpatient, outpatient and community settings. Hospital social workers are licensed clinicians who have special education and training to recognize the impact of illness or injury on children and families, assist patients and families in adjusting to illness and hospitalization, and help them overcome barriers to maintaining optimal health for their children.

Social workers counsel families confronted with social and financial difficulties; intervene in crisis situations; provide information about community resources; assess children in need of child protective and behavioral health services, and serve as a link between the family, the hospital and community agencies.

Social workers assist with dischare planning and, in some program, provide ongoing care coordination and support for children with complex needs.

Interpreter Services

Manager: H. Valerie Huang (614) 722-6338

The department coordinates and provides medical interpreter and translation services for families with limited English proficiency (LEP) and for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. The department has a core staff of interpreters who are bilingual professionals who have undergone specialized training in medical interpreting. To provide for services across all areas of the hospital in all languages, the department also procures interpreter services from community and telephonic interpreting agencies.